Y (disambiguation)

Y, Y:, Y, y. stands for:

  • The admittance in electrical engineering
  • Australia after the ICAO code
  • The second unknown in a mathematical equation
  • The hypercharge in physics
  • For " People in Need " as an additive in an alarm of fire- keyword ( regional)
  • (La Y), the northern terminus of trolleybus Quito
  • The vertical coordinate in functions, see ordinate
  • One of the pseudonyms AR Penck ( b. 1939 ), a German painter, printmaker and sculptor
  • The single letter code of the amino acid tyrosine
  • Y, a letter of the Latin alphabet
  • , The spherical harmonics
  • Y ( Alaska), a village in Alaska
  • Y ( Somme), a village in France
  • Y: The Last Man, an American comic
  • Y ( magazine), the magazine of the German Armed Forces
  • Ypsilon, a letter of the Greek alphabet

Y as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Bulgaria: Oblast Yambol
  • Germany: Bundeswehr
  • UK: Yorkshire
  • Malta: taxis / buses / minibuses / coaches (last letter)
  • Philippines: Region 3: Central Luzon
  • Hungary: slow vehicle

Y is the abbreviation for:

  • The English word question why = " why ", see List of Abbreviations (network jargon ) # Y
  • The color yellow (English: yellow ) in the printing process CMYK color model
  • The prefix Yotta and stands for quadrillion
  • The chemical element yttrium

Y is an abbreviation for:

  • The prefix Yokto and represents septillionth

The abbreviation y. stands for:

  • Yard, a unit of length; Anglo-Saxon is used for yd

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