Yerofey Pavlovich

Jerofei Pavlovich (Russian Ерофей Павлович ) is an urban-type settlement in the Amur Oblast (Russia) with 5164 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The settlement is located in the north of the Amur extending low mountain range in the Russian Far East, on the eastern edge of the Amasargebirges. It is located about 560 km ( straight line ) northwest of Oblasthauptstadt Blagoveshchensk, near the border with Transbaikalia. The place is situated on the left bank of the Amur left tributary Urka.

Jerofei Pavlovich belongs to Rajon Skovorodino whose administrative center Skovorodino is almost 130 kilometers to the east.


The village was founded in 1909 in connection with the construction of Amureisenbahn of Kuenga far Sretensk in Transbaikalia to Khabarovsk. Station and city were named pros and patronymic of the Cossack and Russian conqueror of the Amur region in the 17th century Jerofei Pavlovich Khabarov whose last name also carries the city of Khabarovsk. The railway line was opened on this section in 1914.

In 1934 the location of the status of an urban-type settlement was awarded.


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Economy and infrastructure

In the settlement, there are companies in the forestry and rail transport.

Jerofei Pavlovich 's station of the Trans-Siberian Railway ( Route 7113 km from Moscow). Not far from the still on this section as the last section of the Trans-Siberian rail link under construction highway M58 Amur passes.