Sretensk (Russian Сретенск ) is a small town in the region of the Trans-Baikal (Russia) with 6850 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is north of Borschtschowotschnygebirges in Transbaikalia, about 380 km east of the regional capital of Chita, the river Shilka, the left source of the river Amur.

The city is the administrative center of the Sretensk Rajons same name.


The place was known since 1689 as a Cossack winter storage. 1783 Ostrog was built. 1789 was Sretensk town and the administrative center of a circle ( Ujesds ). The name refers to the Presentation of the Lord (Russian Sretenije Gospodne ) - on this day, a chapel was dedicated. However, in 1798 lost the place the city status.

Until well into the 19th century the spelling Sretensk was encountered.

1897 Sretensk became the provisional end point of the Trans-Baikal section of the Trans-Siberian Railway ( the Great Eastern Railway through Manchuria to Vladivostok chain 280 km further west from ). From Sretensk goods and people were transported further with steamboats on Shilka and Amur Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk in direction. The town became an important trading settlement, at least before 1916, the Amurbahn was finally opened (construction in 1908 ), which in turn further west diverged from the original Transsib for strategic reasons (distance from the Chinese border ) and through traffic resumed.

Nevertheless Sretensk received city rights in 1926 again.


Note: Census data ( rounded to 1926 )

Culture and sights

In Sretensk there is a small museum.

Economy and infrastructure

There are enterprises of light industry, food and timber industries, in the settlement Kokui (10 miles west) shipbuilding ( small riverboats ).

Sretensk is the end of a 52 -kilometer branch line that branches off from the main route of the Trans -Siberian Railway in Dunajewo ( station Kuenga ). In Sretensk crosses since 1986, the " road republican meaning" R426, which adjoins the south-eastern parts of the Trans-Baikal region to the road network, the Shilka.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Vladimir Titov ( b. 1947 ), Cosmonaut