Yes We Can ( song)

Yes We Can ( engl. " Yes we can ", literally " Yes, we'll make it ", also: " Yes we can ") is the campaign slogan of U.S. President Barack Obama. He first appeared in a speech by Obama after the area code in the state of New Hampshire on January 8, 2008, in which he asked the audience how to solve the big global political issues, whether one, prosperity, could create world peace justice: repeated as an Answer he again and again: " Yes, we can ." Although this motto was not originally intended as a slogan (which was actually Change we can believe in ), but due to the high popularity and the connection that make most people between " Yes, we can " and Obama, this saying has since been used mainly.

The slogan has had characterized his role model in the union battle cry Yes we can, to 1972, the rural workers union César Chávez and Dolores Huerta as Sí se puede. The exclamation Yes we can! also emerged also in the English version of the song by Bob the Builder, what Obama is supposed to have also inspired.

Reception in the media

Music Video

The slogan was, among other factors in a homonymous song released on 2 February 2008 the singer of the hip- hop group The Black Eyed Peas on the website and at the same on YouTube under the user name WeCan08 has been set and should serve as a support of Obama's presidential candidacy.

The song contains performances of 37 famous celebrities, mostly musicians, singers, actors, and also a former basketball player ( Kareem Abdul- Jabbar ), the quotes from Obama sing or speak speech, coupled with excerpts of the speech itself, the song was like. produced; for the music video led Jesse Dylan directed by the son of Bob Dylan.

Although the text consists entirely of quotes from Obama's speech, Obama's campaign team had no part in the realization of the song.

The rotated only in black and white Viral video processing Obama's original 13 -minute New Hampshire speech to a kind of collage of 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length. The actors repeat Obama's words as a choir in hip-hop or call-and -response technique, while his voice is heard in the background. The song is primarily in English, with the exception of translations for " Yes we can " in Hebrew ( 1:09 and 1:44, "ken, to ( oh ) nu yecholim " ) and Spanish ( 1:17, " si, podemos " and 1:57, " sí, se puede " ), as well as in sign language American Sign Language ( 2:04 ).

One day after the presentation of the video on ABC on February 1, 2008, it was taken on Obama's website. Since the original posting on YouTube the video has been there several times posted by other users. Until February 9, 2008, 12:00 clock ( Washington time ), it has already been viewed more than 6.25 million times. More than 3.38 million times it has been viewed on - total, this results in approximately a week, more than 9.64 million hits. Even European media became aware of the video.

2008 won the video an Emmy Award in the newly created category New Approaches in Daytime Entertainment.

The following persons featured in this music video. The value specified in the list behind the people timestamps are respectively at the time of their first appearance in the version in

"Yes We Scan"

After the announcement of the used by the National Security Agency surveillance program PRISM in June 2013, the slogan "Yes We Scan" was ( German: Yes, we hear from ) verballhornt. Subsequently, numerous other media took the slogan, which was later presented at meetings of protest against the ongoing data monitoring on signs.

The club chose the German language, published by headline "Yes We Scan" on November 27, 2013 " Headline of the Year", as these three words better than some editorials " the disappointment of many Europeans about the monitoring mania of the Obama administration " summarizing. On the same day protested René Walter, the operator of the Blogs Nerdcore, against the award. Image had not formulated the slogan itself, but this proved only taken online media. By his own admission the picture the editors took the prize not accepted for exactly this reason.