A3 (Croatia)

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  • Zagreb
  • City ​​of Zagreb
  • Sisak- Moslavina
  • Brod - Posavina
  • Vukovar - Syrmia
  • In construction
  • In planning

The Autocesta A3 ( Croatian for, motorway A3 ' ), also called Posavska Autocesta, is the second longest motorway in Croatia and the longest in west-east direction. It leads in the plane of the Sava of Bregana on the Slovenian border through Zagreb to Lipovac the Serbian border, making it currently the only continuous completed transit highway in Croatia. The highway is part of the trans-European TEN Corridor 10 It is autoceste owned by the state highway authority Hrvatske doo (HAC). Except for the southern bypass Zagreb take a toll is charged.

Position in the motorway network


In the Yugoslav period, this route was part of the Autoput Bratstvo i jedinstvo and had the number 1 As in Slovenia received after the disintegration of Yugoslavia another highway that number. At the time of Yugoslavia, the highway he has the nickname " highway of unity and brotherhood ".

Until the collapse of Yugoslavia, the route was considered important transit route between Western Europe and Turkey. In expanding along the route to the east Slavonia historical objects were found, this delayed the final completion briefly.

The costs are estimated at 7 billion kuna.


Before the dissolution of Yugoslavia the signs along this highway reported to the east to Belgrade. During the Revolutionary War has been replaced on all signs Belgrade by Lipovac what with motorists often led to confusion, as the otherwise little important border town Lipovac on less detailed street maps may is not shown. Today mainly Slavonski Brod, Osijek Županja or ( branch via A5) and east of Slavonski Brod increasingly Belgrade is used as a bearing.

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