AA is an abbreviation for:

  • Academia de Artes, Mexican Academy of Art
  • American Airlines, U.S. airline after the IATA code
  • America's Army, online computer game
  • Anarchist Academy, founded in 1992, a German hip- hop band
  • Anatolian Turkish news agency, Ankara headquarters
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, self-help group
  • Anti-aircraft, see Flak
  • Anti Aliasing (computer graphics ), anti-aliasing in computer graphics or generally reduce the aliasing
  • Anti -aliasing ( signal processing ) in the digitization of electrical or optical signals
  • Apostolicam Actuositatem, Decree of the Second Vatican Council
  • Arachidonic Acid, German arachidonic acid
  • Employment exchange
  • Archaeological indicators, German journal of archeology
  • Augustiniani from Assumptione, the Assumption, Catholic order
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Foreign Ministry
  • Automobile Association, Automobile Club in the English speaking
  • Hamburg-Altona station after the railway official operation Jobs Directory
  • Chevrolet AA, car model (1927 )
  • AA (battery), size of batteries and accumulators
  • Different view or a different view in jurisprudence, see minority opinion # " Other view "
  • AA rating, rating code of rating agencies, see rating # rating codes

AA as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Bulgaria: Burgas Oblast
  • Germany: Ostalb ( Aalen )
  • UK: Peterborough
  • Luxembourg: Authorities indicator, for example, the police
  • Netherlands: Vehicles of the royal house, see License Plate ( Netherlands) # Special Features
  • Norway: Halden in the province Østfold
  • Sweden: Diplomatic South Africa
  • Turkey: Police (white font on blue background )
  • Ukraine: Kiev city

A. A. is an abbreviation for:

  • Associate of / in Arts, Associate Degree compare
  • Aulus Agerius, plaintiffs in the Roman form process, see Numerius Negidius # term origin and history
  • Meister A. A., painter of the Late Gothic

A ∴ A ∴ stands for:

  • Astrum Argenteum, group of occultists

Aa is the name of the following rivers:

  • Aa ( Werre ), tributary of the Werre
  • Original name for the Swiss river Limmat
  • List of waters called Aa, various rivers and streams
  • Münstersche Aa, a tributary of the Ems

Aa is the name of:

  • Aa (architect) (at the time of the Middle Kingdom / around 2000 BC ), ancient Egyptian architect and construction manager
  • Aa - hetep -Re, king of ancient Egyptian Second Intermediate Period
  • Abraham Jacob van der Aa (1792-1857), Dutch lexicographer and man of letters
  • Albert von der Aa (1894-1978), Swiss politician ( SP) and editor
  • Christianus Carolus Henricus van der Aa (1718-1793), Dutch Lutheran theologian
  • Christianus Petrus Eliza Robidé van der Aa (1791-1851), Dutch jurist, writer and poet
  • Cornelis van der Aa (1749-1816), a Dutch bookseller
  • Dirk van der Aa (1731-1809), Dutch painter
  • Hillebrand van der Aa (1659/1660 up to 1721), a Dutch engraver and draftsman
  • Jacob van der Aa (1730-1776), Dutch painter
  • Karl von der Aa (1876-1937), German Business Education
  • Michel van der Aa (born 1970 ), Dutch composer
  • Peter van der Aa (1530-1594), Flemish lawyer
  • Philips van der Aa ( † after 1586), oranischer lawyer and statesman
  • Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733), a Dutch printer and engraver
  • Rudolf von der Aa (* 1913), German physicians

Aa, AA, A stands for:

  • Å, Scandinavian letters ( umlaut on letters Aa or aa)
  • Aa ( Egyptian mythology), ancient Egyptian deity
  • Aa (Estonia), the village in Estonia
  • Aa ( children's language ), child language term for feces
  • Aa ( orchids), genus
  • Aa ( Pas -de- Calais ), river in northern France, flows into the North Sea
  • Aa- lava or Brockenlava, lava style

Aa,. aa, aa. stands for:

  • Aa., ana partes aequales ( in equal parts ' ), a term used in pharmaceuticals, see List of Latin phrases / A # ana partes aequales
  • Audible # The Audible format ( .aa / .aax ), file extension for audio tracks
  • Afar ( language ) Cushitic language after language code ISO 639-1

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