Albert Collins

Albert Collins ( born October 1, 1932 in Leona, Texas, † November 24, 1993 in Las Vegas ) was an American blues guitarist and singer. His fans gave him several nicknames, such as Ice Man, or Master of the Telecaster.

Life and work

Collins was a distant relative of Lightnin ' Hopkins. He learned to play the guitar play early. During the 1940s and 1950s, he heard the styles of the Texas Blues, Delta Blues and Chicago Blues, from which he developed his own style. In 1952, Collins formed his first band and was soon the train number of several blues clubs in Houston, Texas. In 1960 he made ​​his first recordings. He released several singles, mainly instrumental tracks such as Frosty. In 1965 he moved to Kansas City, where he became known quickly.

In order to make further recordings, Collins went in 1967 to San Francisco. He has performed with bands such as Canned Heat, and in 1968 he released his first album. He was acclaimed concerts at the Fillmore and Winterland. In 1973, Collins moved back to Texas. He made successful tours in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. So well-known blues musicians such as Robert Cray, Debbie Davies, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi and Kenny Wayne Shepherd were influenced by him.

Collins played in the unusual for blues musicians open guitar tuning F Minor ( fcf -as- cf). In addition, he brought in the amount of the 7th Federal his electric guitar on a capo so that Collins also played in the rhythm game in relatively high positions, starting from the home key of C. He was neither pick nor thumbpick users, but plucked with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. The guitar was Collins usually not as usual on the shoulder and back constantly, but slipped only with the right arm through the strap and wore the guitar to the strap with the shoulder. He also used very long guitar cable, which enabled him to electric guitar playing to mingle with the audience or leave the locality in small clubs to play from the road on his guitar amp.

Collins worked on the 1987 concept album Spillane of the New York avant-garde musician John Zorn with; whose composition Two Lane Highway was a feature for the Bluesgiarristen. Gary Moore played in 1990 with Albert Collins and Albert King as guest musicians the album Still got the blues, where " Ice Man " Collins accompanied the subsequent tour as a guest musician.

Albert Collins died in 1993 in Las Vegas of complications from liver cancer.


Solo albums

  • The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins ( 1964)
  • Love Can Be Found Anywhere (even in a guitar ) ( 1968)
  • Trash Talkin ' (1968 )
  • Truckin 'With Albert Collins ( 1969)
  • Alive & Cool (1969 )
  • The Compleat Albert Collins ( 1970)
  • There's Gotta Be a Change (1972 )
  • Molten Ice, The Hot ' Cool' Sound of Albert Collins ( 1973)
  • Ice Pickin ' (1978 )
  • Frostbite (1980 )
  • Frozen Alive ( 1981)
  • Do not Lose Your Cool (1983 )
  • Live In Japan (1984 )
  • Cold Snap (1986 )
  • Albert Collins and Barrelhouse Live (1986 )
  • Sudden Frost ( 1986)
  • Iceman (1991 )
  • Collin Mix: The Best ( 1993)
  • Live '92 / '93 (1995 )
  • The Complete Imperial Recordings (1991, contains album: Love Can Be Found Anywhere, Trash Talkin ', The Compleat Albert Collins)
  • Jammin 'with Albert, feat. Champion Jack Dupree / Rory Gallagher (Release date unknown, contains material from Montreux July '79 / Nyon July '83 )

With other musicians

  • Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland: Showdown! ( 1985, remastered and a bonus track extended Reissue 2011)
  • Albert Collins, Etta James, Joe Walsh: Jump The Blues Away (1988 )
  • Robert Cray with Albert Collins: In Concert ( 1999 concert recording from 1977 )

Guest appearances