Alexander Chernin

Alexander Csernyin ( born March 6, 1960 in Kharkov as Alexander Mikhailovich Tschernin, Russian Александр Михаилович Чернин ) is a Hungarian chess master with roots in the Soviet Union.


He has already celebrated as a teenager many victories: in 1979, he was in Skien Youth World Championship runner after Yasser Seirawan, in January 1980 he became Junior European Champion (before Zurab Asmaiparaschwili ) in Groningen, shortly after he won a Masters Tournament in Amsterdam ( with 10.5 points from 11 games ). Due to this success, his FIDE awarded in the same year the title of International Master. A year later, he shared 2nd and 3rd place at the Capablanca Memorial Tournament in Cienfuegos. In 1983 he won in Irkutsk, 1984 in Copenhagen and Stary Smokovec.

During the year 1985 ( the most successful in his career ), he advanced a world leader. First, he shared in common with Mikhail Gurevich and Viktor Gavrikov the 1st - 3rd Place in the USSR Championship and thus qualified for the Interzonal in Tunis. Here he shared third place with his compatriot Gavrikov, whom he defeated in the subsequent tie-break and qualified for the Candidates Tournament, making him the title of Grand Master was awarded in 1985. When in Montpellier in 1985 discharged candidates tournament he finished eleventh. In the same year he won gold with the Soviet Union in the first aligned team World Cup in Lucerne and also received the gold medal for his individual result on 7 board.

Among his most important successes in the following years: a shared third place in the first aligned Blitz World Championship in Saint John. He lost in the semifinals against Mikhail Tal, defeated before but, among others, Anatoly Karpov. He also won in Copenhagen 1986 ( together with, inter alia, Vasily Smyslov ), the Rubinstein Memorial Tournament in Polanica -Zdrój 1988 ( together with Alexander Goldin ), in Prague in 1989, at the Dortmund Chess days in 1990 (before Boris Gelfand ), in Altensteig 1990 and 1991 in Buenos Aires in 1992 and in Gothenburg in 1996.

In 1992, Tschernin headquartered in Budapest. In 1993 he received Hungarian citizenship and writes his name Csernyin ever since. In the same year he was runner-up in the Hungarian Championship (after András Adorjan ). Twice (1994 and 1996), he took part in Hungary for the Chess Olympiad, scoring 8 points from 13 games. Three times he played at European Team Championships, the 1999 Hungarian team won the silver medal. His previous highest Elo rating was 2645 in January 1998.

He is a member of the Commission of the FIDE Trainer and currently coach of Fabiano Caruana. 2004 Alexander Csernyin the title of FIDE Senior Trainer was awarded.