Alfa Romeo 146

Alfa Romeo 146 (1995-1997)

The Alfa Romeo 146 is a car of the lower middle class of the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo. He was the successor to the outside of Italy rather moderately successful Alfa 33 and its predecessor, the best-selling Alfa 147 The Alfa 146 is the sister model to the Alfa Romeo 145


Production began in the spring of 1995, first with 8V and 16V boxer engine (taken from size 33 ). As of early 1997, the four-cylinder in-line engines with dual ignition ( Twin Spark ) came together with slight modifications optical then used.

The Alfa 146 was with petrol engines from 1.4 to 2.0 liter engine ( 2.0 16V TS ti with 150 hp, 1998 155 hp), as well as with two 1.9-liter turbo diesel engines. The 1.8 -liter and 2.0 - liter in-line engines were fitted out with Twin Spark with a variable intake manifold (models from 1998 with 144 or 155 PS), and a phaser for the intake camshaft. The 2.0 -liter engine had two additional balance shafts. The 1.4 -liter and 1.6 -liter inline engines were also equipped with phaser and dual ignition, but always without manifold.

Although the 145 CI and 146er models were partly zinked and thus are vulnerable with respect to rust rather little, they could not prevail outside Italy because of the degraded image of Alfa.

Production ceased in late 2000. In Germany a little more than 15,000 vehicles were sold.

Alfa Romeo 146 (1997-2000)

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