Alloa Athletic F.C.

Alloa Athletic ( officially: Alloa Athletic Football Club ) is a Scottish football club based in Alloa. The club plays in the Second Division, the third- highest division in Scottish football. Play their home games, the club since 1895, from the Recreation Park.


The association founded in 1878 closed in 1921 for the first time the Scottish Football League to, could win the championship and ascend in the Scottish top flight was immediately awarded the second-class Division Two with a significant 13-point distance. Here, a player named " Wee " Willy Crilly had scored 49 goals. However, the stay there lasted only a year and after the immediate re- descent of the club has always played in the second division before with a second place at the end of the season 1938/39, managed to return to Division One. The renewed participation there was yet already after five games ended prematurely by the demolition of the official game operation due to the beginning of the Second World War. After the resumption of the championship round Alloa Athletic was incorporated back into the second division as part of a reorganization.

In the further course of the 1950s and 1960s successes were the " Wasps " from largely, with the club but this time with John White - a later Scottish national team and performers of Tottenham Hotspur - his most famous players brought out. As for the 1975/76 season, the Scottish Premier Division was introduced as a new major league to Alloa Athletic could not in the newly organized second division keep and played two years in the now " Division Two " mentioned by his twelfth place in 1975, the third League. Under the coach Hugh Wilson return achieved in the now " Division One " called second- highest division. There, however, the club could hold no more, and in the subsequent rise even years. By the end of the 1980s, the ascents followed in the years 1985 and 1989, always in the following year the immediate relapse in the third division. Only in the 1982/83 season could be maintained after a climb through a good sixth place for one year the class.

After further modifications in the Scottish league system Alloa was only participant in the newly formed fourth division Third Division in 1995. There one could under coach Tom Hendrie 1998 to win the first league championship since 1922 and established himself in the third division, which primarily a 7-0 victory against local rivals Stirling Albion was the highlight of the season. As Hendrie left the club in the direction of FC St. Mirren, Terry Christie took over the leadership team and led the club in 2000 to win the Challenge Cup. Only a few months later even followed the rise in the second division, where to but again could not keep up and had to leave in 2001 as Table again the league. A similar fate befell the club two years later, as the Wasps - but now only on goal difference - graduating as a table next to last the First Division season.

Since 2003, Alloa plays in the third-tier Second Division and was in the course of the 2005/06 season due to a 14-point gap to the relegation to the fourth division dangerously close. Under the new manager Allan Maitland but still managed to turn. About the relegation games eventually managed to avoid relegation.

After completion of the 2007/08 season you could even take up space 4 and thus played in the play- offs for Scottish Football League First Division. There they met the higher class and had to Clyde FC on penalties but to admit defeat.


  • Challenge Cup winners: 2000
  • Scottish First Division: Meister ( 1): 1921/22,

Coach Chronicle

  • Scotland Jimmy Crapnell (1946 )
  • Scotland Tommy Lipton (1946-1947)
  • Scotland Jimmy Simpson (1947-1948)
  • Scotland Bobby Hogg (1948-1949)
  • Scotland Tommy Lipton (1949-1951)
  • Scotland David McCulloch (1951-1952)
  • Scotland Lee Webber (1952-1955)
  • Scotland Jerry Kerr (1955-1959)
  • Scotland Archie McPherson (1959-1969)
  • Scotland Duncan McCallum (1969-1971)
  • Scotland Ian Crawford (1971-1972)
  • Dan McLindon Scotland (1972-1974)
  • Scotland Hugh Wilson (1974-1980)
  • Scotland Alex Totten (1980-1982)
  • Scotland Willie Garner (1982-1984)
  • Scotland Jimmy Thomson (1984-1986)
  • Scotland Dom Sullivan (1986-1987)
  • Scotland Gregory Abel (1987-1990)
  • Scotland Pat McAuley (1995-1996)
  • Scotland Tom Hendrie (1996-1998)
  • Scotland Terry Christie (1999-2003)
  • Scotland Tom Hendrie (2003-2006)
  • Scotland Allan Maitland (2006 -present)