Astra 5A

Astra 5A is a decommissioned Satellite SES Astra. The satellite was launched as Sirius 2 1997 by the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana by an Ariane 44L along with Cakrawarta 1.

Sirius 2

Operators was the SES Sirius AB (formerly NSAB ), headquartered in Sweden. Sirius 2 transferred programs mainly for the Scandinavian region, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

The channels of Sirius 2 were transferred to January 2008 on the Sirius 4 satellite. In April 2008 Sirius 2 has been moved to the position 31.5 degrees East and renamed Astra 5A.

Astra 5A

The satellite was operated by SES Astra and was in Europe, but are primarily eastern and southern Europe, received in the Middle East, western Russia to Iran. The transfer took place in the Ku- band.

End of the mission

January 16, 2009, SES Astra announced that the communications satellite Astra 5A has completed its mission to an unspecified technical problem.

Pictures of Astra 5A