Ayaş, Ankara

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Ayaş is a municipality and a territorially congruent Ilce ( state administrative district) in the province of Ankara. The municipality belongs to the city municipality Ankara (Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi ), which includes all the municipalities of the province.


Ayaş is 58 km from the closed settlement area of Ankara, and is of this high of over 1100 m road passes ( Aysantı Geçidi: 1190 m, Ayaşbeli 1195 m) separately. It lies on the inland side of a spur of the Pontic Mountains in relatively green surroundings in a deep valley. The fact flowing waters belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Sakarya. The area of ​​Ilce is relatively rich in forests.

Of the agricultural products, the wool of angora goats and mulberries, cherries and tomatoes in particular are worth mentioning. Another industry is tourism, due to its location on the edge of the mountains and the occurrence of thermal springs, which are suitable for drinking and bathing cures.


Ayaş is an old village that already flourished in the Ottoman period. It was already in 1354 came under Ottoman rule, and is mentioned in Evliya Çelebi, with its cottages, bathhouses, fountains, gardens and vineyards. The location on a branch of the Silk Road, which led to Istanbul via Ankara, favored the development of culture, trade and commerce and the early training of administrative facilities. At that time, the population was more numerous than today. Ayaş was already in the 19th century was a separate municipality. The Ilce Ayaş is also one of the oldest in the Republic of Turkey. Testimony this past lay several preserved buildings from the traditional architectural style.


  • Benyamin and Ibn Yamin († 1520), Kalifa the Anatolian Malāmatiyya, a heretical sect that originated in continuation of older traditions of a spin-off of Bayrāmiyya, the Hacı Bayram Veli Tarika
  • Ayaşlı Nişancı Ismail Pasha, Grand Vizier ( March 2, 1688 to May 2, 1688)


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