Baoding (Ch保定市Bǎodìng shì ) is a prefecture-level city in Hebei Province of People's Republic of China. She has a history that dates back to the Han Dynasty. Until 1958, Baoding capital of Hebei province.


Baoding is located on the railway line between Beijing and Shijiazhuang. Overall, the city has almost 11.2 million inhabitants ( 2010) to 22,159 km ², of which 997 512 (1 Jan 2005) in the three districts Xinshi Beishi and Nanshi. The annual rainfall is 570 mm, the average temperature of 12.0 ° C.


A degree of international recognition has here especially Yingli Green Energy as a manufacturer of ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar modules from polysilicon. But the carmaker Zxauto here has its headquarters. Also there has the Tianwei Solar Films Company, which manufactures solar modules and thin-film, based

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jie Schoepp (* 1968), German table tennis national team

Administrative Divisions

Baoding is made up of three districts, 18 counties and four county boroughs together:

  • City Xinshi District (新 市区Xinshi Qū ) - "New Town", the seat of the city government;
  • Municipality Beishi (北市 区Beishi Qū ) - " North Town ";
  • Municipality Nanshi (南市区nanshi Qū ) - " Southtown";
  • Circle Anxin (安 新 县);
  • Circle Boye (博野县);
  • Circle Dingxing (定兴县);
  • Fuping county (阜平 县);
  • Circle Gaoyang (高阳县);
  • Laishui County (涞水县);
  • Circle Laiyuan (涞源县);
  • Li County (蠡县);
  • Mancheng County (满城 县);
  • Qingyuan County (清苑 县);
  • Quyang county (曲阳 县);
  • Rongcheng District (容城县);
  • Circle Shunping (顺 平县);
  • Circle Tang (唐县);
  • Wangdu County (望都县);
  • Xiong County (雄县);
  • Circle Xushui (徐水县);
  • Yi County (易县);
  • Anguo City (安 国 市);
  • Dingzhou City (定 州市);
  • Gaobeidian City (高碑店 市);
  • Zhuozhou City (涿州 市).