Bernard Gauthier

Bernard Gauthier ( born September 22, 1924 in Beaumont-Monteux/Drôme ) is a former French cyclist. Most of his professional time he went for the Mercier team.

" Monsieur Bordeaux - Paris "

Bernard Gauthier was a professional racing driver from 1947 to 1961 and in the decade after the Second World War one of the most successful French road cyclist. Although it was not enough closer to success and notoriety of his contemporaries, Louison Bobet and Raphaël Géminiani, but made ​​himself especially by his four victories in the voyage Bordeaux - Paris a name, which earned him the name Monsieur Bordeaux - Paris. He also was a French road champion in 1956 and achieved numerous podium finishes in classics, including second places in the Tour of Flanders, Paris -Brussels and Milan-San Remo. In the world road championship in 1956 he finished in 16th place.

Participations in the Tour de France

Gauthier took ten times participated in the Tour de France. At the Tour de France in 1948, he won the penultimate stage ( finish in the velodrome of Roubaix ) and finished third in the overall standings to 24th place among 120 riders started. In 1950 he wore during seven of the 22 stages, the yellow jersey of the overall leader and landed finally at number 17, since the post-war tour no company teams, but only national and regional teams were allowed, Bernard Gauthier drove in those two years the team Sud -Est de France; 1949 and 1951 to 1953 he was a member of even the French A- Tour team.

Other participations in the Grande boucle: 1947 (as 22 completed ), 1949 (exclusion after the 10th stage ), 1951 ( Overall rank: 26 ), 1952 (No. 63 ), 1953 ( 75 ) 1955 ( 46 ), 1959 ( task after the 13th stage ) and 1960 ( 79 ).



  • Tour de France: 20th stage (1948 )
  • 7 days in the yellow jersey (1950 )


  • Second Tour of Flanders: 1951 ( and others 1953)
  • Second Milan-San Remo: 1955
  • Second Paris -Brussels: 1951, 1956
  • Third Place: Paris -Nice: 1955
  • Third Place: National Criterium: 1955