1960 Tour de France

The 47th Tour de France took place from 26 June to 17 July 1960 and listed 21 stages over 4173 km. Jacques Anquetil was launched in 1960 only at the Giro d' Italia, so the Frenchman Roger Rivière went into the race as favorite. It was attended by 128 racers, of which 81 were classified.

Race course

Rivière won the first individual time trial on the second leg, but the Italian Gastone Nencini took over after a second place finish in the time trial the yellow jersey. Nencini was initially only wear the jersey for two days; then it took over Joseph Groussard, then last year's runner Henry Anglade from France. Jan also Adriaensens could take the lead for a few days before the riders reached the Pyrenees.

On the tenth stage then took over the yellow jersey again Nencini, Rivière was after his stage win in Pau at this time only half a minute behind the Italians. Although the Italians could still enlarge the gap to the next stage, but Rivière was still within reach. On the 14th stage of Millau to Avignon, the Frenchman crashed on the descent of the Col du Perjuret into a ravine and hurt himself so badly that he had to end his cycling career.

Nencini won ahead of his compatriot Graziano Battistini the Tour de France a record average of 37.210 km / h, Adriaensens finished third. Jean Graczyk from France secured by four stage wins and the green jersey, the mountains classification was won by Italian Imerio Massignan.

For the first time since the Second World War there was a German national team since 1958 were German driver was traveling in a German -Swiss team. Hennes Junker man missed the best German in third place in the overall standings to almost a minute.

The stages