1934 Tour de France

The 28th Tour de France was held from July 29, 1934 from 3. The tour led over 4363 km and consisted of 23 stages. For the first time there was an individual time trial, 90 km from La Roche- sur- Yon - had to cover the drivers individually Nantes. Of the 60 participants, only 39 were classified.

Race course

The first stage was won by last year's winner George's memory. About the leaders jersey but he could only look forward one day, because after the next leg he had to release it again: The Frenchman Antonin Magne handed second place to take the yellow jersey on the second stage, the memory came with a residue of a quarter of an hour to the finish.

Magne was able to defend his lead to the finish in Paris, and deciding still a stage and the first individual time trial of the Tour story in itself. Memory could be pleased with a total of five stage wins. At the fifth stage from Belfort to Evian- les- Bains, however, it went to so scarce that he victory with René Le Greves had to share.

The dominant team was the team of the French, which achieved 19 stage victories, wore the yellow jersey from the first to the last stage in their ranks and confidently won the team classification. In addition, the Frenchman René Vietto won the mountains classification.

For the first time the winner reached an average speed of over 30 km / h Antonin Magne reached an average speed of 30.360 km / h

The stages