1907 Tour de France

The Tour de France 1907 took place between July 8 and August 4, 1907. The number of stages was increased by one to 14, the winner was determined as in previous years by a points system. It was the first tour, the route led to other countries.

Race course

The second and third stage - Roubaix -Metz and Metz- Belfort - led by the then German city of Metz. The fourth stage of Belfort to Lyon led first through Switzerland. Also for the first time accompanied by a loaded with spare parts car drivers; these had their bike but still repair it yourself. 33 Of the 93 riders were able to finish the tour started.

The race was first coined by the Frenchman Emile Georget, who won five of the first eight stages for itself. On the ninth stage between Toulouse and Bayonne Georget is borrowed from a spectator from a bike because he did not want his own repair. As the regulations expressly forbade this, he was assigned by the race with penalties and demoted. Thus the way was free for the first Tour victory by Lucien Petit- Breton. Georget at least could still win a stage and finish the race in third place overall.

The stages