1926 Tour de France

The 20th Tour de France took place from June 20th to July 18th 1926 and led over 17 stages. 126 riders took part in the tour, 41 of which were classified at the end.


The launch took place not in the French capital, but in Evian- les- Bains for the first time. From there, led the big loop counter-clockwise through France and then renewed reached Evian, where the driver drove to Paris, the aim of the tour.

The track was at a distance of 5745 km to date, the longest in the history of the Tour de France.

Race course

The Belgian Lucien Buysse was able to pull out a significant lead over the other favorites in the Pyrenees, he won the stage to Luchon with over 25 minutes ahead. Even the next day Buysse showed in good shape and was the second Pyrenean stage of the Tour win. The Luxembourg Nicolas Frantz, at the end of second in the overall standings, was pleased with four stage wins.

The stages