1939 Tour de France

The 33rd Tour de France was held from 10 to 30 July 1939 and led over 4224 km in 18 stages. Many of these cuts were divided in half and third stages. It was attended by 79 racers, of which 49 were classified.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe sent Germany, Italy and Spain, no more teams to tour. However, to start with a sufficiently large field of riders, the tour guide, allow two Belgian and five French teams from the various regions of the country decided.

During the Second World War, no cycling race took place, it took eight years for the driver again in 1947 rose at the Tour de France in the saddle.

Race course

Last year's winner Gino Bartali was due to the resignation of the Italian team did not defend his title. The Frenchman René Vietto already took over in Brittany on the fourth stage, the yellow jersey. By Viettos strong showing in the Pyrenees to the Alps he was always a few minutes ahead of his closest rival, the Belgians Sylvère Maes.

On the queen stage of the 33rd Tour de France from Digne -les- Bains to Briançon Maes could but then bring as a clear winner of a stage in the top position and this way to Paris to defend: On the longest stage, which also resulted in three serious passes, Maes won and brought a distance of around 17 minutes between himself and Vietto. Another 10 minutes lost Vietto the individual time trial the next day.

Maes was also able to also celebrate with the mountain classification, the team title won the second Belgian team. Maes ' average speed during the tour was 31.986 km / h

The stages