Romain Maes

Romain Maes ( born August 10, 1912 in Zerkegem, † February 22, 1983 in Groot -Bijgaarden ) was a Belgian racing cyclist.


Maes began his professional career in 1933 and this year won the same itinerary Circuit de l' Ouest. At the race Paris - Dunkirk, he finished in third place. 1934 succeeded Maes ever to win a stage of the Circuit de l' Ouest in Paris-Nice, the Tour de France, he was second twice a stage before he broke off the tour.

1935 Maes won the first stage of the Tour de France and was awarded the yellow jersey slipped over. He won two more stages and retained the yellow jersey to the finish in Paris. Maes had at the end of nearly eighteen minutes ahead of second-placed Italian Ambrogio Morelli. It should be the only Tour de France, at the Maes reached the goal. In addition to the Tour de France won Maes 1935, the Paris- Lille and a criterion in Tournai.

1936 Maes won the Circuit de Paris and took second place at Paris- Roubaix. 1937 Maes second in the Grand Prix in Condroz, 1938, he also took a second place at Paris- Brussels. 1939 Maes won an individual time trial in the Tour de France, won with a smaller tour, finishing in the Tour of Flanders in second place behind Albert Sercu, the father of Patrick Sercu.

1942 at the height of World War II, Romain Maes won two cycling races and a stage during a tour. After the war, Maes was not active again.


  • Victory in the Tour de France 1935.
  • 2nd place at Paris- Roubaix (1936 )
  • 2nd place at the Tour of Flanders (1939 )

Classifications in the Tour de France