Pedro Delgado

Pedro Delgado Robledo (usually Perico Delgado, born April 15, 1960 in Segovia ) is a retired Spanish road bicycle racer. He was a professional cyclist from 1982 to 1994.

Delgado won the 1985 and 1989 Vuelta a España and the 1988 Tour de France. About his triumph at the Tour, however, is a shadow of doping: Delgado was transferred as the yellow jersey taking probenecid, an agent which masks the presence of anabolic steroids. Since the agent at this time, but only on the doping agent list of the IOC, but not state of the world of cycling federation UCI (there was only added 15 days after the victory of Delgado ), Delgado was allowed to finish the race and was the first Spanish winner since Luis Ocaña Pernia be celebrated in 1973.

A year later, in 1989, Delgado missed the prologue in Luxembourg its launch, curiously, by more than two and a half minutes. At the end of three weeks Delgado was still third behind only the eight seconds apart Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon. In the following years, Delgado reached as 4 (1990 ), 9 (1991 ), 6th (1992) and again 9 (1993 ) more respectable results in the most important cycling race in the world, in which he also won four stages.

1995 started off with a Scottish band in his honor the name of The Delgados.

After his playing career, Delgado moved into television, where he works as a commentator for the station TVE.