1990 Tour de France

The 77th Tour de France took place from June 30th to 22 July 1990 and listed 21 stages over 3504 km. It was attended by 198 racers participated in the tour, which were classified by 156.

Race course

The first stage to the theme park Futuroscope was dominated by a four -man lead group reached the target with a lead of almost ten minutes. The output of this first stage influenced the tour instrumental: The Dutchman Frans Maassen won the stage, the yellow jersey of the leader slipped the third stage Steve Bauer, who was able to defend it until it reaches the Alps on the ninth stage. There it took on the Frenchman Ronan Pensec, which also benefited from slid-out on the first leg advantage. However, he was able to defend the jersey for only two days, then it moved on to the Italian Claudio Chiappucci, the fourth of the breakaway group from the first day.

When individual time trial on the penultimate day of the American Greg Lemond took over two minutes out on Chiappucci and still displaced him from the leader role. The last stage, triumphed at the Johan Museeuw on the Champs- Élysées in Paris, but changed the overall standings nothing more: Lemond won his third tour with an average speed of 38.621 km / h in front of the then-unknown Chiappucci.

In the battle for the green jersey, Olaf Ludwig won against Museeuw. The German also won the eighth stage in Besançon in the sprint. The mountain jersey was won by Frenchman Thierry Claveyrolat.

The stages

All teams and drivers

A: task during the stage, NA: non-runner to stage, S: Suspended / excluded timeouts: timeout