Francis Moreau

Francis Moreau ( born July 21, 1965 in Saint- Quentin ) is a former French cyclist, Olympic champion and world champion.

Francis Moreau distinguished himself during his time as a professional racing driver from 1989 to 2000 as a versatile cyclist on road and rail.

On the railway Moreau could win numerous podium finishes at UCI Track World Championships: 1990, he finished second in the individual pursuit in Maebashi, he imPunktefahren world champion in the pursuit and vice-world champion in 1991 in Stuttgart. The title bouts in 1994 in Palermo, he finished second in the pursuit, two years later in Manchester third parties and with the French railway four he took second place. 1998 in Bordeaux he was again runner-up world champion in the pursuit and 1999 Vice World Champion with the French foursome.

Twice Moreau took part in the Olympic Games, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. In Atlanta, he won jointly with the French railway quad ( with Philippe Ermenault, Christophe Capelle and Jean -Michel Monin ) the gold medal in the points race he finished fifth.

Between 1990 and 1996, Francis Moreau started seven times in the Tour de France, but without the top placings. In 1993 he won the road race Paris -Brussels.

Today Moreau is for the company A.S.O. active, the major sporting events, including the Tour de France, organized.