1924 Tour de France

The 18th Tour de France was held from June 22 through July 20, 1924 and resulted in 15 stages over 5425 km.

The route took the riders from Paris to the west and along the Atlantic coast to the Pyrenees. From there, the route ran along the Mediterranean to Nice, from where then further north led the course in the Alps and to Dunkerque. The aim of the tour was in Paris. 60 of the 157 participants was classified.

Race course

The Italian Ottavio Bottecchia dominated the 18th Tour de France from the beginning. After he was able to win the first leg, he was the lead in the overall standings to the finish no longer from. Bottecchias average speed during the entire race was 23.972 km / h

During the tour Bottecchia won four stage wins and benefited by increasing the time bonus to three minutes for the stage winner.

Last year's winner Henri Pélissier got out with his brother Francis and her boyfriend Maurice Ville after the third stage, to protest against the petty rule interpretation. Following their departure they gave the journalist Albert Londres an interview in which she complained about the hardships in the Tour and also enhancing drugs emptied out of their pockets on the table and explained.

The stages