1933 Tour de France

The 27th Tour de France took place from 27 June to 23 July 1933 and led to 23 stages over 4395 km. For the first time since the Tour de France 1912, the course took back clockwise, that is first we went over the Alps, and then only in the Pyrenees. 80 racers took part in the tour, 40 of which were classified.

Race course

Maurice Archambaud won the first stage and to defend the yellow jersey of the leader to the Alps. However, on the stage from Grenoble to Gap he suffered a dizzy spell at the Col d' Allos and his French teammate Georges memory won the stage. After two more stage wins took over memory and the overall lead.

The Belgian Jean Aerts decided six stages for itself. The second in the overall standings, the Italians Learco Guerra, was on five sections of the fastest.

The increase in rest days to four and a shortening of the distance from the previous year contributed to the fact that Georges memory a Durchschnittsgewindigkeit of 29.818 km / h reached, which represented a new record. In addition, the drivers were close to each other in the overall standings. Had there been no Zeitbonifikationen for the stage winner, memory would not become winner of the Tour: Although the credit for the winner of the stages had been reduced to two minutes, the Italian Giuseppe Martano would have won the Tour.

At the Tour de France in 1933 for the first time was a mountain classification held ( Grand Prix de la Montagne; GPM ), which the Spaniard Vicente Trueba secured. The team score was France decide for themselves.

The stages