1921 Tour de France

The 15th Tour de France was held from July 24, 1921 June 26. On 15 stages the 123 drivers who were divided into two performance classes 5484 km laid back. 38 riders crossed the finish line.

Race course

The route of the tour was very similar to the price of the tour 1920: After starting in Argenteuil near Paris it went counterclockwise to Brittany, the Pyrenees, along the Mediterranean Sea over the Alps and Alsace back to Paris, where the tour ended at the Parc des Princes.

The Belgian Léon Scieur took over by winning the third stage of the overall lead and was able to defend Paris. The 5484 km Scieur laid back with an average speed of 24.720 km / h. Scieur came from the same village as former Tour winner Firmin Lambot, the two are the only Tour winner who come from the same place. Honoré Barthélémy as in the previous year, despite numerous technical defects best Frenchman and came in the overall standings to third.

One innovation of the 15 tour was that the start number of the driver had to be attached to the bike. The proliferation of escort vehicles provided the tour organizers problems: It came into regular traffic jams, which got stuck in some drivers. A stricter regulations solved the problem.

The stages