1922 Tour de France

The 16th Tour de France was held between July 23, 1922 June 25. On 15 stages the riders covered a distance 5373 km. Of the 120 started driving counted on target 38. The Belgian Firmin Lambot won the Tour with an average speed of 24.202 km / h for themselves.

Race course

The tour started in Paris and took place counterclockwise. The Zielankuft was in the Parc des Princes.

All three Pyrenean stages was the Frenchman Jean Alavoine decide for themselves and slip into the yellow jersey, which he but lost again in the Alps.

The Belgian Hector Heusghem took over the jersey of Alavoine, wore it only one day. As he moved his bike after an accident, which was not allowed at that time, he got a time penalty of one hour and Firmin Lambot could take the lead in the overall standings. At the age of 36 years, the Belgian was able to defend Paris the jersey and win the tour for the second time after the Tour de France 1919. This Lambot is the oldest Tour winner ever and the first to have won the Tour without its own stage victory.

The stages