1913 Tour de France

The Tour de France 1913 took place from July 26 from June 28. She led over 15 stages and was 5388 kilometers long.

Race course

The stage hosts this tour corresponded partially to those of the previous year, but these were moved in the opposite direction to 1912. A match results in the first stages, the stages of the 9 to 15 correspond approximately to 1912. The first three stages of 1912 corresponding to the 13th to the 15th stage. The tour was 5388 km long, making it 69 km longer than 1912 this year. Started from 140 riders finished only 25 the tour. A novelty was the first game in Switzerland with one stage after the Switzerland has already traveled since 1907.

The Belgian Philippe Thys, who won the Tour the first three times, resulted in the end in Paris on the classification. This year also, the foundation stone was laid of a legend. The Frenchman Eugène Christophe, 1919, the first yellow jersey, suffered in the descent of the Col du Tourmalet a fork break on his bike, he had to cover the next 14 kilometers on foot to repair his bike. He was not allowed in the Forge can help, but it still managed to repair his bike. Christophe was seventh overall, his nickname " le Vieux Gaulois " (French, the ancient Gauls ) he received after this stage.

The stages