1925 Tour de France

The 19th Tour de France was held from July 19, 1925 June 21.

The course was as in previous years counterclockwise and had a similar course. Mulhouse and Evian- les- Bains were for the first time stage locations. Overall, the drivers had to cover the 18 stages 5430 km. Thus, the number of stages of the Tour was increased, however, reduces the length of the stage, so that the overall length remained about the same. 130 drivers participated in this tour, after all, 49 were also evaluated.

Race course

As with the Tour de France 1924 Ottavio Bottecchia won the first stage and took the lead, they had to go to the second stage, however, give back. In the Pyrenees Bottecchia his favorite role was then conquered and justice but after two stage wins back the overall lead. Overall, the Italians won four sections. The average speed of the winner was 24.775 km / h

In the overall standings Bottecchia had a comfortable lead on Lucien Buysse and Bartolomeo Aimo that a close battle for second place fought. At first places in the overall standings, no Frenchman could place, best quality domestic cyclist was at the end Romain Bellenger eleventh.

The stages