1931 Tour de France

The 25th Tour de France took place from June 30th to July 26 in 1931 and led over 24 stages with a total of 5095 km. On the tour took part 81 drivers, 35 of which were classified.

The route went from Paris, first westward into Brittany and then on the Atlantic coast to the Pyrenees, where the longest and most difficult mountain stage took place. After the driver had crossed the Alps, it was back to Paris.

Race course

After his victory on the second stage of the Austrians Max Bulla held the overall lead for a day. In addition, he also won the 12th and 17th stage. It should be the last Austrian stage win for 74 years; only during the 2005 Tour de France ended Georg Totschnig this series on the 14th stage.

The two best sprinters of the field, the Italians Rafaele di Paco and the Frenchman Charles Pélissier, a fierce struggle delivered to the stage victories in the flat. At the end of the tour were both successful five times each, also contributed di Paco for three, Pélissier for a day the yellow jersey.

On the " queen stage " to Luchon Frenchman Antonin Magne won with over four minutes ahead. After a rule change in 1931 three minutes time bonus for the stage winner granted for the Tour de France when it crossed the finish line with a lead of at least three minutes. This Magne laid the foundation for his overall victory. Best team was Belgium, which could represent four of the six best riders in the overall standings.

The stages