Gaston Rebry

Gaston Rebry ( born January 29, 1905 in Rollegem Chapel; † July 3 in Wevelgem 1953) was a Belgian racing cyclist.

Gaston Rebry was professional racing drivers of 1923 until 1939., 1934, he was the third driver in the history (after Heiri Suter 1923 and Romain Gijssels 1932), which won in the same year Paris -Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, he also won in Paris - Nice. Overall, he won Paris-Roubaix three times, 1931, 1934 and 1935. Between 1927 and 1934 launched Rebry seven times in the Tour de France and won a total of four stages. Twice he did not arrive in Paris, five times he was also placed in the top 20. In 1929 he finished in tenth place in 1931 to fourth place in the overall standings.

After his cycling career Gaston Rebry opened in Wevelgem a cafe named " Paris -Roubaix ". He died at the age of 48 of a heart attack. After his death, his family emigrated to Canada. His son, Gaston Rebry junior (1933-2007), who had also been racing cyclist there was a well-known painter.