Jan Schur

January Schur ( born November 27, 1962 in Leipzig ) is a retired German racing cyclist.

The son of the cycling legend Täve Schur 1989 world champion with the East German team over 100 kilometers. The highlight of his career he experienced at the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, when he was over 100 km with the team along with Uwe Ampler, Mario Kummer, and Maik compatriot Olympic champion. He was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in Gold for this success. After the turn he tried in various Italian professional racing teams, before he had to end his career after a sports accident. In December 2007, he admitted in an interview with the newspaper Leipziger people his many years as a Stasi spy. He acted since 1981 under the code name " IM Reinhold". Since the end of 1988, he led to his specifications are failing more informal discussions with the State Security of the GDR, which had then terminated the cooperation in 1989.

January Schur ran a small sports hotel in the late 1990s in Schierke.

From 2001 to 2006 Schur studied sports science at the University of Leipzig. He holds a coaching license A for cycling. Since 2004 he has been Managing Partner of Jan and Täve Schur GmbH.