Ragnar Malm

Karl Oskar Ragnar Malm ( born May 14, 1893 in Stockholm, † March 30, 1958 in Uppsala ) was a Swedish racing driver.

Malm 1912 Swedish Champion in the 100 -km individual time trial and took the same year at the Summer Olympics in his hometown in part. Together with Erik Friborg Algot Lonn and Axel Persson, he won the team in road cycling race that resulted from the individual results in the individual time trial. In the individual competition Malm finished in eighth place behind Friborg.

Malm was 1913 national champion team in 1917, he managed to become national champion in the time trial. 1918 was particularly successful for him, he defended his championship title and with his teammates and the team classification. He also won a 318 km long cycle race, around Mälaren, and a second national championship, these two victories he repeated 1919. He also won in 1919 one more time the team championship.

After Malm had been brought by the cancellation of the 1916 Olympic Games to participate, he competed at the 1920 Games in Antwerp again the road race. This time he finished second in the individual standings to seventh place in the team standings occupied by Sweden in second place. Malm 1920 was again a national individual and team champion in the 100 km race.

1921, 1922 and 1923 won Malm again around Mälaren, 1921 and 1922, the individual national championship. In 1924 he played in Paris, his third Olympic Games. Malm finished second in the individual standings to 17th place, the Swedish team with Malm, Gunnar Sköld and Erik Bohlin won the bronze medal.