Lode Wouters

Lode Alphonse Wouters ( born May 27, 1929 in Klein- Vorst, † March 25, 2014 in Geel ) was a Belgian racing cyclist. It was 1948 Olympic champion in the team competition.


Lode Wouters 1948 was a Belgian road champion amateur and won next to a stage of the Tour of Limburg. At the 1948 Olympic Games in London in the road race eight riders came together to destination, it won the Frenchman José Beyaert ahead of the Dutch Gerrit Voor Ting; Lode Wouters finished third ahead of his compatriot Leon De Lathouwer the finish. The team score was determined according to the added time of the first three riders of these countries, won Lode Wouters and De Leon Lathouwer along with Eugène Van Roosbroeck the gold medal from the British and the French.

In the next two years Wouters remained as an amateur driver successfully, in 1949 he won a round race in the Netherlands, in 1950, he finished in the Limburg Tour in second place. On 30 May 1951 he began the Alcyon team his professional career. In 1951, he won two races, the year after he won in three races and at the first stage of cross through Belgium, where he took second place in the overall standings at the end. In 1953, he finished his career.