Bernd Drogan

Bernd Drogan ( born October 26, 1955 in Bohsdorf, district Cottbus ) is a German former road cyclist from East Germany.


Bernd Drogan began in 1967 Lok forest with cycling and won the discharged that year GDR best determination in the street Single driving the students as 1968 he reached the individual time trial a third place in the selection race in the pupil A and was in the streets of four with the district selection Cottbus Seventh at Children 's and Youth.

In 1969 the Klubdelegierung for SC Cottbus. In the same year he won with the team the Federation Cup road. 1970 Drogan was with the second web quad representation of the SC Cottbus seventh in the children 's and young people. In the GDR championship in road single, he finished the Eighth place in the age group Youth B. 1971 Drogan GDR Champion of Youth B with the four streets. In the district championship Cottbus set of four of the SC Cottbus in the composition Bernd Drogan, Hans -Joachim Nick Hart, Adel Meyer, Stegk in 1:08:31,5 h a new DDR record over 50km on. In the GDR championship in road single Drogan fourth.

In 1972 he won with the four streets a gold medal at the Youth competitions of friendship in Brno. At the International Youth Cup cycling aces the future Drogan was third behind Hart Nick and the Bulgarian Dimitrov. In the four- stages - ride in Cottbus, he finished sixth place. In the children 's and young people won the the 3000 m time trial and finished second in the streets of four. In the streets of four Drogan won the East German championship of the youth as he won the final round Olympic prize in the streets individual youth B, was eighth overall in the Junior Cup in Romania and seventh overall in the III. International Rally of juniors in Neugersdorf.

1973 Bernd Drogan six times GDR champion of youth A - he won the cross-country race, the 4000 -m time trial on the track, road Single, road crew driving, as criterion and in the all around. Furthermore, he was in that year second in the four- stages - ride in Cottbus, second with the team of four in the youth competitions of friendship in Miskolc / Hungary and won the final round Olympic prize in the streets individual.

1973 drove Drogan first among men. In his first year he was tenth at around Langenau, fifth in the road crew driving in Poland ( with the second GDR national team), fourth at around the Scharmutzelsee and 17 at the Great "Sport Echo " award in Sebnitz. He was also runner-up in the GDR road team driving.

Bernd Drogan also started in the men's field for the SC Cottbus. He trained at Manfred Nitschke, and later with Eberhard Pöschke. His biggest success was the World Cup victory in road race after a single solo flight of 45 kilometers. In that year, and earlier in 1979 he was elected East German Sportsman of the Year. He also won two world titles and an Olympic silver medal and a bronze medal in the World Cup individual race in the team time trial.

Drogan but had to cope with in the course of his cycling career, many setbacks: in 1975 he had to retire because of blood poisoning after a fall in the GDR tour. In 1978, he broke shortly before the start of the International Peace Race collarbone, at the Peace Race in 1980, he gave about the consequences of a fall on the tenth stage, the year after he suffered the same fate, and in 1983 prevented a fall from him a better placement than Rank 31 At the 1984 Olympics he was unable to attend because of the boycott of the Eastern Bloc countries, including the GDR.

After End of career

After his retirement from competitive sport in 1985 he was qualified sports teacher and returned as a cycling coach to his former club SC Cottbus. After the end of the GDR, he worked as an accountant and later opened its own ski shop. After that, he was coach of the Brandenburg cycling state association. As a leisure cyclist, he won the 2002 Tour d ' Allée, a celebrity race over 100 kilometers in Binz ( Rügen ), 2003, he was the same race as the runner. At the Peace Race, which he was mitgefahren ( 1976-1979 ) as an active athlete four times, he later took part as a driver of the Chief Judge, last in 2004.

Bernd Drogan has a son and a daughter.

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