Torsten Voss

Torsten Voss ( born March 24, 1963 in Güstrow ) is a former German track and field athlete and Bobsportler. In 1987 he was World Champion and 1988 Olympic silver medalist in the decathlon in 1997 and runner-up in the four-man event.


He won at the European Junior Championships in 1981 where he competed for the German Democratic Republic, the silver medal in the decathlon. The following year, he presented with 8387 points on a Junior World Record, at the European Championships but he gave after the sixth discipline. In Helsinki Voss in 1983 was seventh at the first World Championships. In 1985, he won the all-around European Cup in Krefeld. At the European Championships in 1986, he reached the fourth place in Stuttgart.

His greatest achievement was the world title in 1987 in Rome. He won with a personal best of 8680 points before Siegfried Wentz and was chosen for the same year to the GDR athlete of the year. In 1988 he won the silver medal behind Christian Schenk ( DDR) at the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul. Voss was also 1982, 1983, 1987 and 1990 GDR champion and after the reunification and an injury break German vice-champion in 1993.

As an athlete he had a size of 1.86 m, a competition weight of 88 kg. Voss started for SC Traktor Schwerin, Schwerin SC and LAV Bayer Uerdingen / Dormagen. In the becoming public knowledge after the fall of documents to the state doping in the GDR was found in the doped athletes also the name of Voss.

In 1994, Torsten Voss for Bobsleigh and was brakeman with Harald Czudaj and Wolfgang Hoppe. At the World Championships, he won three medals: 1995 Czudaj and 1996 with Hoppe and bronze medals at the 1997 Bobsled by Dirk meadow the silver medal. At the 1998 Winter Olympics he reached the eighth place with Bob from Czudaj and this year was overall World Cup winner. 1998 Czudaj and 2001 with Matthias Benesch he was European champion.

The trained auto mechanic worked after the turn as an employee of the Bayer plant protection. Later he was operating firefighter at Bayer and coach at SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen. Among his proteges there was also the decathlete Michael Schrader. In 2009, Voss founded together with his partner, the sports manager Christian P. Schneider, the athletic training concept pa -training (personal athletic training ) property and handles national and international professional and elite athletes from the sports of football, hockey, hockey and Athletics. Among the most famous athletes include, inter alia, the footballer Marco Engelhardt, Christoph Moritz, Jiayi Shao or Prince Tagoe, the DEL Club Krefeld Penguins, Germany NHL star Christian Ehrhoff as well as the hockey players of the HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim. Since end of his career he is a successful athletic trainer and co-founder of a training concept.

In the GDR Voss in 1986 and 1988 awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.