Joseph Groussard

Joseph Groussard ( born March 2, 1943 in La Chapelle- Janson ) is a former French cyclist.

Joseph Groussard was professional racing drivers of 1954 until 1968. He competed at numerous smaller bike race and criteria where he could often occupy top positions. 1957 and 1960 he won Paris - Camembert, the 1961 Grand Prix Midi Libre and 1962, the Four Days of Dunkirk. He also won three times - 1958, 1961 and 1962 - at the Boucles de la Seine, 1962 at the Critérium International 1958 in Genoa - Nice. In 1963 he won the Milan - Sanremo classic sprint at the finish before the German Rolf Wolf Hollow.

Nine times Groussard started in the Tour de France. In 1959, he won the final stage, 1960, he wore a long stage, the yellow jersey. In 1965, he was the last to support the "Red Lantern".

Joseph Groussard is the older brother of Georges Groussard, his son Philippe Dalibard and his grandson Antoine Dalibard, all cyclists.