Bons- en- Chablais is a commune in the French department of Haute- Savoie department in the Rhône-Alpes region.


Bons- en- Chablais is located at 562 m above sea level. M., about halfway between Thonon -les- Bains and Annemasse, 15 kilometers southwest of the town of Thonon -les- Bains ( straight line ). The village is located in the Bas -Chablais both sides of the Foron, at the northern foot of the ridge Les Voirons.

The area of ​​19.09 square kilometers municipal area includes a portion of the Bas -Chablais and the adjacent foothills. The northern part of the municipal area is located in a wide valley that is drained by the Foron and its tributaries. From Lake Geneva area Bons- en- Chablais but is separated by the ridge of the Mont de Boisy. To the south of the municipality extends over a first floor gently, later steep slope down to the densely wooded ridge of Les Voirons, on 1480 m above sea level. M. is achieved the highest elevation of Bons- en- Chablais.

Community structure

To Bons-en -Chablais addition to the actual village center includes several other villages and hamlets settlements. From north to south these are:

  • Le Loyer (542 m above sea level. M. )
  • Saint- Didier ( 550 m above sea level. M. )
  • Chez Moachon ( 548 m above sea level. M. )
  • Brens ( 577 m above sea level. M. )
  • Choulex (580 m above sea level. M. )
  • Langin ( 585 m above sea level. M. )
  • Chez les Blanc ( 606 m above sea level. M. )
  • Les Charmottes (670 m above sea level. M. )
  • Marclay (700 m above sea level. M. )
  • Les Granges (760 m above sea level. M. )

Neighboring communities of Bons- en- Chablais are Ballaison and Sciez in the north, Lully, Fessy and Brenthonne in the east, and Saxel Boëge in the south and Saint- Cergues, Machilly and Loisin in the West.


Finds from the Neolithic period indicate a very early settlement of the area around Bons- en- Chablais. The first mention of Bons was in 1039th by the Earl of Langin the place in 1663 was granted the right to perform four markets a year.

Today's church was built until 1966, when the previously independent municipalities Bons, Brens and Saint- Didier merged, with the new church henceforth Bons- en- Chablais called.


The village church of Saint- Pierre -et -Paul Bons was built 1863-1865 in neo-gothic style. In Brens is the neo-classical church of Saint -Maurice, which was built in the 19th century with the inclusion of earlier components. The church in Saint -Didier also dates from the 19th century. On a foothill of Les Voirons the medieval Tour de Langin, a restored tower, which once belonged to the Château de Langin ( built in the 11th and 12th centuries ) rises. In Brens the Château de Brens which originally dates back to a building of the 13th century is located.


With 4946 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Bons- en- Chablais is one of the medium-sized towns in the Haute-Savoie region. In recent decades, a continuous strong growth of population was recorded. The various old village cores are now almost grown together through family house districts.

Economy and infrastructure

Bons- en- Chablais was until well into the 20th century a predominantly coined by farming village. Today there are various operations of local small businesses, as well as construction and trading companies. Northwest of the community has since 1966 completed a commercial and industrial zone developed. Many working population commuters who pursue the agglomeration area Geneva - Annemasse or in Thonon- les- Bains their work.

The village is located on the connecting road D903, which runs from Saint- Cergues directly to Thonon -les- Bains. Further road links exist with Ballaison and over the Col de Saxel with Boëge. In addition, the area is crossed by the railway line Annemasse - Thonon -les- Bains; the station is located in Saint -Didier.