Bottmingen (Basel German: Bottmige ) is a municipality in the district of Arlesheim in the canton of Basel -Country in Switzerland.


Bottmingen located in Leimental, also called Birsigtal because of the valley by flowing Birsig, at the foot of the brother of wood on 295 m above sea level Its neighboring municipalities are Reinach, Oberwil, Binningen and the city of Basel. The area of ​​the municipality is 299 hectares, of which 52% built-up area, 28 % agricultural area, 19 % forest and 1% non-productive area.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms consists Bottminger since the year 1943. Two crossed silver figures on a red background, the meaning can not be established with certainty. It is the seal of the Basel noble family Schilling, the second owner of the Bottminger castle.


27 % of the population are Roman Catholic and reformed 36%. The proportion of foreigners is 19.3 %.


The municipality is President Anne Merkofer - Häni ( Nonpartisan voters Bottmingen / ÜWBo, Booth 2010).


The first mention of Bottmingen was in 1246 as Both Mingen.

Since the 11th century Bottmingen belonged together with Binningen the bishop of Basel. In 1534 the village was pledged to the city of Basel in 1585 and acquired Basel Bottmingen finally completely.

Already in the 18th century separated Bottmingen and Binningen their pastures and assets. In 1756 Bottmingen got its own school. But it was only in 1837, shortly after the kick in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft newly formed themselves Bottmingen and Binningen parted and formed politically independent communities.


  • Weiherschloss Bottmingen, which was first mentioned in 1363. Since 1957 it is a restaurant and belongs to the canton of Basel-Land.
  • Village Museum

Pictures of Bottmingen