SK Brann

The Brann Stadium (Norwegian Brann stadion) is a football stadium in Bergen ( Norway). It is the home stadium of the football club SK Brann, was built in 1919 and modernized several times since then.

Currently it holds 17,129 spectators in a regular league game with standing ranks. Special feature of the stadium is its location at the foot of Ulrika, the local mountain of Bergen. In autumn 2005, a building permit was issued after several appeals and extended neighborhood for the missing stands at Klokkesvingen. This grandstand is now just as finished as the state of the art new grandstand. In the winter of 2010, the capacity will be expanded through the expansion of the open corners to 21,500. Cult enjoy the standing ranks of the Store Stå on which present him the hard core of fans in league matches, which, however, were demolished in late 2006 in favor of the new grandstand.


Pictures of Brann-Stadion