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The Haugesund Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium with athletics facilities in the city and municipality of Haugesund in Rogaland on the southwest coast of Norway. Besides the two football clubs FK Haugesund and SK Vard Haugesund also athletics club Haugesund IL is a participant in the stadium. The sports complex is mainly composed of the two grandstands along the square. An uncovered patio rank and covered standing terrace. In the corners there are standing room only.

Normally, the venue can accommodate 8800 spectators.

  • Seats: 3123
  • Standing: 5677

The Norwegian Football Federation NFF limited but for safety reasons the capacity to 3904 spectators.

For some time now the 1920 is opened stadium in a very bad condition. There were plans for a new building with a total cost of NOK 250 million. In the summer of 2009, the municipality and the FK Haugesund decided to let the project fall because of high costs. Instead, you build in the north of the city, a new track and field facility for 50 million NOK. The Haugesund Stadium is then completely renovated and converted into a pure football stadium without a running track. First, the main grandstand is covered in the east. It is also installed floodlights, which would allow television broadcasts.