Call Control eXtensible Markup Language

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language ( CCXML ) is an XML standard that was designed to expand to VoiceXML telephony support. The current status is a W3C Recommendation, which was adopted on 5 July 2011. While VoiceXML is used to a voice browser to expand a Voice User Interface, is the primary benefit of CCXML to inform the voice browser how the telephony voice channel of the controller is to process. The two XML applications are completely separated from each other and can be implemented independently.

Status and future

  • CCXML 1.0 is available as a W3C Recommendation.
  • Because CCXML extensively uses the existing concepts of events and transitions, it is believed that the tools to create a state transition diagram, which are used in the next CCXML 2.0 version, also a benefit of the new XML state machine notation called SCXML (currently also available only in draft form ), will draw.