Extensible Forms Description Language

The Extensible Forms Description Language ( XFDL ) belongs to the class of XML languages ​​, and is described in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C ) NOTE - XFDL 19,980,902, Extensible Forms Description Language ( XFDL ) 4.0 September 2, 1998. XFDL is a high-level language that allows a form, attributes and using XML elements to define as a standalone object. It has this precise control over the layout of the form, existing commercial / government forms can be converted by XFDL in a human-readable Open Standard.

In addition to providing a syntax for linear mathematical and conditional expressions addition, XFDL provides the creator the ability to incorporate user-defined entries, options, and external code functions in the form.

XFDL not only supports multiple digital signatures, these signatures can be applied only to specific parts of a form to prevent changes to the signed content.

These advantages of XFDL have led to larger organizations, including the United States Army, their forms migrated from other formats by XFDL.