XML Base

XML Base is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium ability to define base URLs for parts of XML documents. Base URL designates that URL, be resolved by the relative path of the document. The XML Base recommendation was introduced on 27 June 2001.

The xml: base attribute may be inserted into XML documents at any point to use a different base URL as that of the document or an external URI or external entity. The value of the attribute is defined as a URI reference as defined in RFC 2396 [IETF RFC 2396 ], interpreted after it was processed as in part 3.1 of the specification.

In XML processors, consider the XML namespaces, the "xml " prefix is bound to the namespace name http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace as there Namespaces in XML [XML Names] described. Nevertheless xml can: base also be used by processors that do not process namespaces.


The following XML document located at the site file :/ / / var / www / sample.xml