XML Inclusions, short XInclude is a W3C recommendation that allows to reference within XML documents to other parts of XML or text documents. These " links " are replaced during the dissolution process by the contents of the referenced documents.

The following example references foo.xml to the XML file:

< xi: include xmlns: xi = " "     href = " foo.xml " /> If you want to refer bar.txt to a text file:

< xi: include xmlns: xi = " "     parse = "text"     href = " bar.txt " /> The difference between XML and text reference is that the contents of the referenced text documents are not processed by the XML parser, but similar to a CDATA section will be inserted exactly as they are in the referenced document.

XInclude Unlike text documents to which can always be referenced only as a whole, also allows only to refer to parts of an XML document. Addressing such partial documents by means of XPointer.