Extensible User Interface Protocol

The Extensible User Interface Protocol, or XUP, is a proposed web standard. XUP is a SOAP -based protocol, events can be exchanged within a user interface with, wherein the surface is described by an XML document. The specification in this case sets no limits in terms of the format in which the XML file is described, or event model is used for communication over XUP. In the specification used examples of possible languages ​​for user interfaces include XHTML, Wireless Markup Language and XUL.

The XUP specification was the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C ) submitted in March 2002 by consortium member Mart Soft Corporation. According to the last status of 2006, the standard has the status of a note ( German: note), which means that the W3C has not yet developed the standard to a recommendation, and this is accommodated for informational purposes only there