SXBL (SVG 's XML Binding Language) is a mechanism for the definition of interactive presentation and behavior of elements that are in a different namespace than the SVG. ( an XML markup language, vector graphics, user events, and scripted behavior support ). sXBL XBL is very similar because it allows for SVG documents, which makes XBL possible for XUL documents. For example, it is possible to create a general sXBL scroll area and this reuse in SVG.

History, goals and future

The sXBL specification is derived from a RCC (Rendering Custom Content ) mentioned specification, which was embedded in the working draft specification of SVG 1.2. The RCC- part specification has since been removed and replaced by a modularisierteren approach.

As will be described in sXBL Working Draft:

SXBL is Intended to be in SVG -specific first version of a more general-purpose XBL specification (eg, " XBL 2.0" ). The intent is that, in the future, a general-purpose and modularly -defined XBL specification will be developed whichwill replace this specification and will define additional featuresthat are Necessary to support scenarios beyond SVG,: such as integration into web browsers support CSS did. Once a general-purpose XBL is defined, sXBL would just become subset of SVG -specific (ie, a profile ) of the larger XBL specification.

Although sXBL has borrowed a lot from XBL, there are some differences between the two standards ( for example, the names of some elements are different). However, there are some subtle differences between the current state of the Mozilla XBL 2.0 working draft and the current status of the sXBL - work design.

Since the sXBL specification has not improved since the last Working Draft of August 2005, and the publication of the XBL 2.0 " last call" working draft was held in September 2006, it is assumed that sXBL is omitted in favor of the more general XBL 2.0 approach.


SXBL is a W3C Working Draft, he has not yet reached the status of a Recommendation. However, implementing the Batik SVG Toolkit, a Java library, render, generate and manipulate SVG graphics can include a preliminary, almost completely current version of sXBL specification in the code base.