Carlos Garnett

Carlos Garnett ( born December 1, 1938 in Red Tank / Panama Canal Zone ) is a native of Panama American jazz saxophonist.

Life and work

Garnett grew up in Panama, where he was active primarily as a calypso musician. In 1962 he went to New York City where he performed with various rock bands. In 1968 he played with Freddie Hubbard, 1969/70 by Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. After activities with Charles Mingus (1970 ) he was involved in Pharoah Sanders' album Black Unity. In 1972 he founded " Universal Black Force". Crucial to his musical career, his work with Miles Davis (on the albums On the Corner, 1972 Get Up with It, 1974). At Davis, he met guitarist Reggie Lucas know, who has worked on Garnett's debut album Black Love, a " mix of avant-garde jazz and electronics". His next albums Fire and Journey to Enlightenment regarded as energetic. More albums are considered less spectacular. He also worked with Jack McDuff, Andrew Hill, Gary Bartz and Norman Connors ( 1972-1975 ).

During the 1980s he was largely inactive as a musician; In 1991 he started his comeback. In 1996 Fuego en Mi Alma High Note at that guaranteed by Scott Yanow as his best album so far.


  • Black Love with Mtume, Billy Hart, Allan Gumbs Onaje, Charles Sullivan, Reggie Lucas, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Norman Connors, Guilherme Franco, Ayodele Jenkins, Mauricio Smith, Buster Williams, Carlos Chambers, 1974
  • Journey to Enlightenment by Charles Pulliam, Neil Clarke, Howard King, 1974
  • Fire with Kenny Kirkland, Reggie Lucas, Neil Clark, Wayne Cobham, Angel Fernandez, Anthony Jackson, Howard King, Charles Pulliam, 1974
  • Fuego En Mi Alma with Neil Clarke, Brad Jones, Carlton Holmes, Shingo Okudaira, 1996
  • Under Nubian Skies with Carlton Holmes, Russell Gunn, Shingo Okudaira, 1999
  • Moonshadow with Robert Trowers, Neil Clarke, Alvin Flythe, Derrick Gardner, Carlton Holmes, Shingo Okudaira, 2001