Chelyabinsk Metro

The Chelyabinsk Metro is the underground railway of the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. This has been built since 1992. Planned are five stations for the first phase.


Since 1992, the first 8.25 km long section between the stations Prospekt Pobedy ( Проспект Победы ) and Traktorosawodskaja ( Тракторозаводская ) built. The opening of the first three stages of this east-west line was earlier than expected in 2010, after the old date of 2007 was unrealistic. Then one has named 2014 as the new opening date. Since the financial resources for the construction of Russian metros were cut, you go now from 2015.

Stations ( planned)

  • Prospekt Pobedy ( Проспект Победы, Victory Prospect)
  • Torgowy Tsentr ( Торговый центр, shopping center )
  • Ploshchad Revolyutsii ( Площадь Революции, Revolution Square )
  • Komsomolskaya Ploshchad ( Комсомольская площадь, place the Komsomol )
  • Traktorosawodskaja ( Тракторозаводская, Tractor Plant )


In addition to an extension of the first line in both directions - the usual Soviet planning - is building two more lines planned: a northeast-southwest and north -southeast line. The financing of both lines is unclear. Also on the completion of the first line of continuous talk at the moment can be the future of Metro poorly predict.