Ufa Metro

The Metro Ufa is the uncompleted subway the Russian city of Ufa ( Bashkortostan ). It was built between 1997 and 2005. There were plans for eight stations for the first phase. 2005, the work was stopped, a further construction is not currently planned.


From 1997 ( Первомайская ) and Sportivnaya ( Спортивная ) was built at the 9.1 km long section between the stations Perwomaiskaja. This north-south line should start working in 2008 and later supplemented by an east -west and northwest-southeast line. For financial reasons, the construction in 2005 has been set. A profitable operation was not expected, other investment projects of the city were given the preference. A crucial factor may have been that the Russian state would contribute only 20 percent of the construction costs and local and regional authorities could not afford the rest.

Stations ( gepl. )

  • Perwomaiskaja ( Первомайская )
  • Uljanowych ( Ульяновых )
  • Parkowaja ( Парковая )
  • Bulwar Mussy Garejewa ( Бульвар Мусы Гареева )
  • Ploshchad Lenina ( Площадь Ленина )
  • Sportivnaya ( Спортивная )